The other day somebody referred to Rahul beta as Pappu and acouple of congressmen were thrilled and a couple of congress henchmen were grossly offended. My sympathies to all of them.My sympathy were the guy who got used to refering Rahul baba as pappu.

I wondered why he called him so.

1.Was it because Rahul beta voted for the GST bill thinking it was Gabbar singh Tax.

2. Was it because he voted for the bill not knowing what the acronym stands for.

3.Was it because he voted for the bill without understanding its implications.

4.Was it because he voted for it hoping it would bring bad name for the ruling government.

5.Why he did not bring in an amendment to reduce the tax slabs.

6.Was he unaware that the bill was mooted for the first time by his own party.

7.Was it because he had a closed eye approach to proceedings in the parliament.

8. Was it because of his juvenile attempt at visiting the chineese embassy.

9.Was it because of his performance at the Nepal embassy while writing a condolence message.

I am really confused. Hope you could see the real reason.







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